About Dr. Bruce Banman

Contestant for the BC Liberal Nomination for the Riding of Abbotsford South

Bruce has dedicated a significant amount of his life to serving and improving our great region, and is the person for the job when it comes to being our voice in Victoria.

After much encouragement from friends, family and members of this community, Bruce Banman is excited to put his name forward as the Contestant for the BC Liberal Nomination for the Riding of Abbotsford South

With a broad personal, professional, and political background, Mr. Banman brings the experience and expertise needed to be a strong voice in the provincial legislature for the residents of Abbotsford. As a business owner, city councillor, and former mayor, Mr. Banman is well-qualified and well-prepared to be a leader for our community in Victoria.

Mr. Banman has been a proud resident of Abbotsford since 1981, and first entered politics in 2011 out of a desire to better serve his community. As mayor, he sought to build a prosperous, diverse, and inclusive community, and remained focus on being a voice for every resident through his tenure.

In 2018, Mr. Banman again entered municipal politics, with a decisive election to City Council. However, it is abundantly apparent that many of the largest issues facing the city today cannot be solved at a municipal level; Abbotsford needs a strong voice in Victoria. Mr. Banman seeks to bring his strategic vision to Victoria to be an advocate for Abbotsford, fighting for agricultural issue, highway expansion, affordable housing, and other important needs.

Bruce Banman has the experience, passion, and vision necessary to best serve Abbotsford South in Victoria. For more information, and to support his campaign, please